Crossroads Of Health

"Where Common sense and good science intersect" 

Welcome to the Crossroads of Health Radio site. Crossroads of Health is always
real and
always unscripted.

Achieving better health can often be confusing and many of us are often left with
unanswered questions. Don’t let health issues hold you back from living an


Crossroads of Health focuses on a wide variety of topics including Heart Health,
Joint Health, Adrenal Health, Thyroid function, Men & Women’s Health, and so
much more.

Rick and Melody have a true passion for natural health and science based supplements.  Every Saturday Rick and Melody will cover different health topics
with a highlight on quality science based supplements. Above all Rick and Melody
hope to arm you with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision on
how to better your lifestyle.

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Each Week Rick and Melody give a code for the products on special  so the listeners can save an additional discount of 25% off the products on special, this is in addition to the already10% OFF daily discount offered at Shop Natural Products.

Topic: Rick and Melody start a two week discussion on the value
of a "quality" Multivitamin. (PART 1)
Code: prank
Discount: 25% OFF
Products on discount: All 16 of the Multi's

Code date: March 24th-March 30th 2018

We hope this will be give us an opportunity to share the word of health all across the country. Thanks for listening and please tell your friends.

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